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Mary Jon

The writer publishes under the pseudonym Mary Jon writing for many notable medical and recreational counter-culture magazines. Mary Jon covers topical news, medical spotlights and health highlights about the booming marijuana market.

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Comedeep is a regular column by Jon Jon Lannen. Comedeep is a blog that focuses on the depths of comedy and the people behind it.

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Man Bun bear

Man Bun Bear is the name of the writer; a pseudonym. Man Bun Bear's writes & publishes provocative adult content catering to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) Community.

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Voodoo Comedy

Jon Jon Lannen is a performer and instructor for the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Recently, Lannen accepted a position as Voodoo Comedy's content writer.

Jon Jon writes articles about improv and comedy- and has even interviewed some amazing talent.

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Book Consulting

Since publishing his best-selling and award-winning book series, Jon Jon Lannen has been sought after to consult with a, business owners and experts to bring their stories to life. Here is a quick guide to publishing.

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Business Consulting

Jon Jon & Co. offers an array of consulting sessions as it pertains to business. Consulting is available via in-person, telephone or video-conference!

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Curriculum Consulting

Jon Jon Lannen and Jon Jon & Co. has developed curriculum for numerous theaters & schools throughout Colorado. From children's summer camps to academy theatre curricula, our firm can make it happen.

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Production Consulting

The Jon Jon & Co. production staff has 20+ years of experience producing, directing and performing in theatrical and comedic productions.

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