Jon Jon Lannen is a certified professional life coach and comedy veteran with a heavy background in business. Thru Jon Jon and company, Lannen passionately coaches individuals in business, life and comedy. Jon Jon also offers businesses an in-house life coach for their employees— introducing Life Coach @ Work™!

Business Coaching

Jon Jon & Co.'s Business coaching is now Small Business Consulting, located on the consulting tab of this websiteClick here for information on Small Business Consulting.

Jon Jon & Co. has been in the comedy business for over 15 years and has been offering coaching for comedy productions since 2010. Jon Jon Lannen is the lead coach for the comedy division and the creator of the Jon Jon & Co. School of comedy. Jon Jon or his team of veteran coaches can be booked for a one-time session or multiple. Click here for available improv comedy classes and click here to contact us!

Life Coaching
Working as a certified professional Life Coach since 2016, Jon Jon Lannen has built relationships with his clientele to reach their dreams and live the life they dreamed of thru Baby Steps. Jon Jon's approach to life coaching is unique in that he uses is background in comedy to create a fun, real-life approach to attaining realistic goals and lofty dreams you wouldn't imagine achieving... and you will. His alternative look and coaching style lend for support, insight and real results. Please click here to get started on life coaching and let's love this life!

and introducing...

Life Coach @ Work™ 
Are you a small business owner and want a life coach available to your employees?
Are you a fortune-500 company and want your people to have an @ work resource?
Do you want a life coach @ Work
Then, look no further than Jon Jon & Co.
— We offer an exclusive program called Life Coach @ Work where we have a certified professional life coach work with your individual employees to address the things taking them away from work during the day. Imagine knowing that your peeps have an empathetic ear and helping hand... @ Work! Life Coach @ Work not only builds morale in the workplace, but aids in your workforce's mental well-being. Contact us today for more information by clicking here.

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