Jon Jon Lannen and Jon Jon & Co. have a long-time, standing history in Denver comedy. Jon Jon Lannen & Company has traveled the United States performing and teaching comedy for 10+ years. Jon Jon is often tapped into for hosting a myriad of events and producing stellar live shows. Here is some additional information about the Jon Jon & Co. Comedy division.

Jon Jon Lannen is one of the most sought-after event emcee and host in the West Coast. Jon Jon has hosted television broadcasts, movie premieres, radio segments, podcast shows and, of course, live comedy shows. Jon Jon is currently the host of Lipsync for your Laugh® and co-hosts WhatITDo Podcast & #ThatPodcast with LPiddy and Jon Jon. Jon Jon Lannen is also the official co-host of the Denver Pride Parade television-broadcast  since 2019. Learn more about Jon Jon by clicking here. If you're ready, Click here to book Jon Jon as the host of your next event!

Jon Jon Lannen has performed and produced over 1000 live cabaret, comedy and theater productions, with over half being products of Jon Jon & Co. Most notably, Jon Jon & Co. produced and hosted Lipsync for your Laugh® and Improv's Gay. Jon Jon and company can produce their award-winning shows or create a custom show for your every need  corporate events, parties and weddings! Jon Jon Lannen is also available for bookings as a solo act or join an existing comedy ensemble/show. You can learn more about Jon Jon by clicking here. To get in touch with us, please click here.

School of Comedy
Founded in 2018, the Jon Jon & Co. School of Comedy is one of Denver's premiere academies of improvisation, sketch and stand-up comedy. The inaugural session was led by Jon Jon Lannen, who also developed the school of Comedy's improv comedy curriculum. For more information on future classes, please click here to be redirected to the Jon Jon & Co. Events calendar or click here for more information on the Jon Jon & Co. School of Comedy.

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